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My name is Aleksandra to put it briefly: Ola. I was born in Zabrze, Polish’s industrial city where coal mines are still most characteristic feature of the landscape and smoke is pouring out of the factories chimneys covering the sky with the clouds even more. But if you had put your roots down deeply in the Silesia region and your heart were carved from coal your soul would stay there forever.

I can’t remember when I first started to draw and paint but I found one of my first oil’s dated on 1991 and I was 9 years old at that time. I’ve taken love for painting after my mother. Watching her working with sedulous concentration, leaning on canvas and putting oil paints gently piece by piece are my dearest reminiscences from my childhood. When I was very little, I though she was making magic. Sometimes she let me to do a small drop on her pictures or scrawl something on the back. For a little girl it was the most exciting and sacred thing to do. Obviously I was forbidden to use oil’s that time but as soon as mom was busy elsewhere I was nicking her paints anyway. When she had finally realised what I’ve been doing, it was too late to stop me. I was sitting on the floor having all beautiful colours on me. Having those experiences from the very beginning what choice did I have to not follow the path….

That is why I’ve decided to continue my art journey. I bounded myself for 5 years of education in Fine Art College in Zabrze, then I was studying for another 5 years in Art Institute of Silesian University in Cieszyn where I gained a title of  Master Degree in Fine Arts with specialization in Graphic Design.

I would like to share with you some of my work. I welcome comments, also feel free to contact me with any queries.

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E-mail me at: graphickarp@gmail.com

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In my secret life
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